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Life Purpose & Personal Development Coach

Thanks to the obstacles I faced on my life path, I´ve learned to transform the life lessons into opportunities for my personal growth.

Now I see how these challenges were pushing me in my path towards my LIFE PURPOSE and MISSION.

That´s why I am here, and I´ll be happy to help you to break through any obstacles that are holding you back in life so that you can also move forward towards a happier, fulfilled, and meaningful life - the life that is true to YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF, so it feels good on the inside.

"Life is too short to be unhappy, bored, & unfulfilled."

 To get to know me better, continue reading below :)

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About Me: About


To Inspire & Empower People To Live Their BEST AUTHENTIC LIVES,
So That They Can Unleash Their UNIQUE POTENTIAL
And Use It The RIGHT WAY.


Thanks to my life experience, I´ve learned that WHETHER you use your POTENTIAL & HOW you use it matters...

Because it significantly affects how you feel in your life.

  • Unleashing your natural TALENTS and POTENTIAL,

  • Finding meaning in your LIFE EXPERIENCES


using them in a WAY that INSPIRES YOU - the kind of contribution you deep down feel you want to make to the world - is something that makes your life MEANINGFUL.

And allowing yourself to LIVE AUTHENTICALLY will not only help you to unleash your natural gifts and traits, but it is also one of the inevitable steps you need to take to find  HAPPINESS that comes from within.

“What Man Actually Needs Is Not a Tensionless State But Rather The Striving And Struggling For a Worthwhile Goal, a Freely Chosen Task.”

Viktor E. Frankl
(Holocaust Survivor, Psychiatrist, Author of Man´s Search For Meaning)



Every man should be aware of his/her UNIQUENESS.
No other human being is just like YOU. You are the ORIGINAL – build on it!
Today´s world desperately needs your AUTHENTIC SELF

You are not here just to be liked and approved by everybody. You are here to follow YOUR  OWN LIFE PATH, search for your PURPOSE*, and so bring up your contribution to the world. Whether big or small, the world needs what you have to offer, so do so. 

*You could describe your life purpose as the life that you were born to live.

"Follow Your Path, No Matter What People Say." (Karl Marx)

We should keep in mind that we are here just for a LIMITED TIME.
So instead of wasting time comparing each other, trying to be someone else, pleasing everyone, or seeking other people's approval for our lives, isn't it a better idea to focus our time and energy rather on

FINDING Our True Authentic Selves
ACCEPTING Ourselves,
 IMPROVING Ourselves (e.g., by quitting our bad habits, fighting our fears & extending our comfort zone)
TAKING CARE of Ourselves (Our Emotional, Intellectual, Physical & Spiritual Well-being)

Once we commit to the FAITH rather than FEAR and start to follow OUR OWN LIFE PATHS while improving ourselves on PURPOSE, we strive to become the BEST VERSIONS of ourselves, living our BEST LIFE - an AUTHENTIC LIFE ready to "Live and help live" by sharing our POTENTIAL, LIFE LESSONS, and LOVE with other people. And that´s where we can experience LIFE THAT FEELS GOOD ON THE INSIDE...


I am inspired especially by my own life experience.

And also, as my Grandma (❤ R.I.P. 🙏) used to say:

"Life Is Beautiful, You Just Have To Know How To Live It."

However, below you can find more details on my

BEST AUTHENTIC LIFE Inspirations, specifically:

Inspirations for "AUTHENTIC",
Inspirations to strive to be your "BEST" version

Inspirations for "LIFE".


 4 "F" I´m following on my path to the


! However, for a better experience, I highly recommend that you play this soothing music before scrolling down :)



"Never Stop Dreaming..."
- Unknown

*Inspired By Visiting Frida Kahlo´s House In Mexico City

Our DREAMS and VISIONS are part of our AUTHENTIC SELVES and there is some reason why we have them...

"Traveling Opens Eyes, Warms Hearts
& Frees Minds."
- Unknown

Devote some time to discovering the beauty of millions of world wonders. There are not only 7 of them! :)

The truth is that EVERYONE PERCEIVES THE WORLD DIFFERENTLY. Traveling - meeting new people, experiencing other cultures, exploring new places - shapes your values, mindset, and worldview.
It helps you to broaden your perspective.


"Begin With The End In Mind."
- Stephen R. Covey

BUT then isolate yourself from the outer world for some time to find out what really matters TO YOU in life. Only when you look at your life from this perspective will you find out whether you are living YOUR LIFE or the life that others expect from you.

"...begin with the end in mind" is to begin today with the image, picture, or paradigm of the end of your life as your frame of reference or the criterion by which everything else is examined."

*Habit 2 of The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People - Stephen R. Covey.


"Rather Than Looking Outward In An Attempt To Predict The Outcome,
You Turn Inward To Your Identity.
You Base The Decision On Who You Are
-Or Who You Want To Be."

- Adam Grant

YOU DECIDE WHO YOU ARE/WHO YOU WANT TO BE- Once you define your identity and values, and base your decisions on them, there´s no way to make a wrong decision.
Don´t be afraid to come up with unconventional ideas which are part of your AUTHENTIC SELF.
You never know... Maybe some of your unconventional habits could help solve some of the environmental problems. And, even if not..., self-expression will at least set you free ;) 

*Inspired By The Book "Originals" - Adam Grant



IMG_20220212_105106 (1).jpg

Taking care of yourself is not selfish. Nurture your

  • Physical,

  • Mental,

  • Social,

  • Spiritual well-being.​

Personal development is about bettering yourself and constantly trying to get closer to the BEST VERSION you can be, and therefore TAKING CARE of yourself should be a priority.


"Self-Care Is Giving The World The Best Of You, Instead Of What´s Left Of You."
- Katie Reed

IMG_20220212_105106 (1).jpg

"The Only Way You Improve Is
To Try New Things."
- Charles Koch

Explore and try new things, even if you're not naturally good at them.

Maybe some of your new interests will turn into your hobbies, or they may even develop into your PASSION.

And your passion may lead you also to something greater, more meaningful - to your LIFE PURPOSE.

IMG_20220212_105106 (1).jpg

"There Is More Treasure In Books Than In All Pirates Loot On Treasure Island."
- Walt Disney

Find some time for reading inspiring books.  It´s definitely a good investment of time, as they can INSPIRE YOU in so many ways and help you to open up NEW HORIZONS.

"Life Begins At The End Of Your
Comfort Zone."
- Neale Donald Walsch

Never stop DEVELOPING & CHALLENGING yourself. You have JUST ONE LIFE, so don´t waste your time by existing and start CREATING and LIVING your BEST LIFE.

Everything you want in your life, but you don't have at the moment, is OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE.  So to get it, you must step out of this zone.

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"Start Each Day With a Grateful Heart."
- Unknown

Learn to APPRECIATE and be GRATEFUL for all that you HAVE, even for the LITTLE THINGS in life.  Don´t take anything for granted...

GRATITUDE not only increases your HAPPINESS..., but by being in a STATE OF GRATITUDE, you become a MAGNET, which ATTRACTS EVEN MORE THINGS to be grateful for.

And isn´t it more JOYFUL TO LIVE A LIFE where YOU ATTRACT things to your life instead of chasing them? :)

"Sometimes You've Got To Be Able
To Listen To Yourself And Be Okay
With No One Else Understanding."
- Christopher Barzak

Sometimes you´ve got to be able to TURN OFF THE NOISE OF THE WORLD and START LISTENING...
Because there is a voice inside your heart that helps  you stay on YOUR LIFE PATH. Nobody else, ONLY YOU know, what feels right or wrong to you.

"Be Thankful For The Hard Times For They Have Made You."
- Leonardo DiCaprio

It´s good to BE AWARE that when you face difficult life situations, you ALWAYS HAVE 2 OPTIONS:
- either you choose to be a VICTIM blaming external circumstances and other people for hurting you
- or you decide to see your hard times as an opportunity to LEARN A LIFE LESSON, GROW and BECOME STRONGER.

THE CHOICE IS ALWAYS YOURS..., so choose wisely.
(It isn´t possible to stay the same person as you were before.)

* Inspired by all my life lessons and by 1 word my Dad used to tell me as part of a goodbye every time I went from my parents' house to university: "FIGHT"
And of course, it wasn´t in the sense of real fighting or arguing or something like that. It was more in the sense of never giving up in life and always finding a way how to stay mentally strong no matter the outside circumstances - never adopting a victim mentality.


"You Must Be The Master Of Your Emotions If You Wish To Live In Peace,
For Who Can Control Himself,
Becomes Free."

Mastering emotions is not about trying to avoid them.

It´s rather about being able to RECOGNIZE our emotions, UNDERSTAND what they are telling us, MANAGE our own emotions and  USE THEM in making decisions. (Emotional Intelligence)

Learning to control your emotions will help you become mentally stronger. (Yes, it´s something that can be learned with the dedication and practice)





"Learn To See the Big Picture.
Often Times We Get Tunnel Vision
And Lose Sight Of The Big Picture
And What We're Really Trying To Accomplish.

- Robert Cheeke

Take a short break from everyday "rat race" to see the big picture – to reveal WHO YOU ARE, where your LIFE PATH is leading you, what´s your PURPOSE here.

*Inspired by one of my life lessons & by the book "Find Your Why"- Simon Sinek

My decision to take responsibility and do what I do was even more enhanced by the last page of the book "You Can Negotiate Anything" - Herb Cohen. (see picture gallery)

"Incredible Change Happens In Your Life When You Decide To Take Control Of What You Do Have Power Over Instead Of Craving Control Over What You Don't."
- Steve Maraboli

FOCUS on what you CAN CONTROL, and that is YOU. Most likely, your LIFE PURPOSE will automatically turn your attention to YOU and your CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE.


The theory of the CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE (S. R. Covey) can be helpful for our personal effectiveness and focusing on the things we can do something about.

Very simply put, FOCUSING too much on issues OUTSIDE OUR CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE (the grey area) generates NEGATIVE ENERGY, shrinking our circle of influence.

On the other hand, if we decide to FOCUS ON OUR CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE (the burgundy area), the nature of our ENERGY IS POSITIVE, enlarging our circle of influence.

What I usually do - for CONCERNS OUT OF MY CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE - I ask myself a question: “WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT?” And although I usually find out that I cannot do much to solve these issues, as they are out of my influence, I try to identify at least some small actions that I can do.

The identification of these small contributions that I can do in these areas helps me not only to enlarge my circle of influence but also to free my mind from these concerns because I know that I do more-less my best for all of them. Consequently, it allows me to focus the remaining time and energy on the concerns that are directly in my circle of influence. (Of course, it is good to stay informed about the news related to the concerns out of our influence and to reconsider the real possibilities of how I can contribute or what I can do.)

FLEXIBILITY AND THE ABILITY TO ADAPT to the various unpredictable changes that are happening in today's world is, I would say, one of the keys to maintaining good mental health. It is also one of the key qualities you need to build if you decide to FOLLOW YOUR LIFE PATH and PURPOSE.

I´ve found the deliberate STEPPING OUTSIDE MY COMFORT ZONE, which I started in 2018, so useful (really tiny steps at the beginning). By doing so, you become MORE FLEXIBLE and ADAPTABLE in any unexpected life situations. I think that, also, thanks to my life-purpose vision and practicing deliberate steps out of my comfort zone before the COVID 19 pandemic, it was much easier for me to adapt and stay mentally well despite the quarantine periods. Getting out of your comfort zone intentionally gives you the chance to practice overcoming challenges.

"It Is Not The Strongest of The Species That Survive, Nor The Most Intelligent But The One Most Adaptable To Change."
- Charles Darwin


"With Man This Is Impossible,
But With God 
All Things Are Possible."
- Bible, Matthew 19:26

This is the last, but definitely not least point. I would even say that it is the VERY FIRST POINT…

It´s good to BE AWARE that YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE CHOICE whether to choose to live your life in either FEAR or FAITH.

At the beginning of 2018, I was a little challenged by my life experience as I realized that my original plan for my life was failing. It was very liberating that even though I did not know how to proceed in life, for the first time, I realized that I had a choice to FOLLOW GOD'S PLAN FOR MY LIFE. And after some rational thinking and risk assessment, I just made that decision. And it was relieving... I knew that the weight of my whole future life was no longer just on my shoulders. By embarking on my personal journey, it was my only responsibility to CREATE A VISION and FIND THE NEXT STEP I should take, while fully APPRECIATING and ENJOYING EVERY SINGLE DAY.

My decision to go with God's plan for my life intensified even more, when unexpected global challenges arose, such as COVID19. Because try to ask yourself the question:

"In these uncertain times... Can your personal plan for life be more SECURE, FULFILLING, and EXCITING at the same time than GOD´S PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE?"

From my own experience, I can say that you can be single at 34, 35, even 36 years and still FEEL PERFECTLY FINE if you are ALIGNED WITH A HIGHER PLAN for your life with the feeling that every day you are exactly where you need to be, you do what you should be doing while you try to fully utilize every single day, you appreciate all small positive things in your life, you try to look for the meanings of the difficult times you are going through, and you simply LIVE YOUR LIFE ONE WAVE AT A TIME.

At the same time, you hope and believe that what you are doing could possibly positively change the lives of other people or perhaps future generations. And if not, you're fine too :) because you know YOU DID EVERYTHING YOU COULD.

And isn't that what matters most in life after all...?


"To realize one´s Destiny is a person´s only obligation.
All things are one.
And when you want something,
all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

- Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)

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